Geelong Pet Photographer, Crystal Baker

Hi, I'm Crystal Baker!

Growing up, I've always had two main loves - animals and photography.

I wish I could say that I always knew that pet photography was the answer, but it wasn't until I was testing out my new camera on my housemates cheeky, but adorable, French Bulldog puppy that it all... clicked. Since that day, I have jumped head first into the world of pet photography, and am loving every moment of it.

In early 2017, I signed up for an Advanced Diploma in Photography at the Australian Academy of Photography. I also reached out to my local pet adoption organisations and have since become a volunteer photographer for Forever Friends Animal Rescue. Every spare moment I have, you can find me either sitting at my computer for hours on end editing photos, or annoying my attention seeking cat, Heff, by taking way too many photos of him.

Some of my other interests include camping, scuba diving, science, making puns, board games, Netflix, singing terribly, playing Skyrim, and delicious beers. Some people also find it interesting to know that even though I grew up on the sunny coast of Queensland, I made the crazy decision to voluntarily move all the way down to Geelong. Overall though, I promise you will find me as someone who is incredibly easy to work with.

Combining two of my passions into one career is a dream come true.
Geelong based pet photograper, Crystal Baker, with her cat.
Geelong based pet photograper, Crystal Baker, with her cat.
Geelong based pet photograper, Crystal Baker, with her cat.

Volunteer Work


I also happen to be a big believer in volunteer work. Every week, I spend a portion of my time using my skills as a photographer to help out the organisation, Forever Friends Animal Rescue. It is a completely volunteer run company that does wonders for the pet community. I highly recommend checking them out when looking for your next pet. You know what they say... adopt, don't shop!


On top of taking photos for Forever Friends, I also volunteer as a puppy raiser for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Raising and training an 8 week old puppy into a well-behaved adult is one of the most rewarding roles I've ever had, knowing that because of me, a blind person may be able to get their freedom back. It makes having to give the dog back in the end totally worth it.

Serendip Sanctuary, Parks Victoria

While I no longer volunteer there anymore, I thought it might be worthwhile to mention that I also used to volunteer at Serendip Sanctuary. For a year, I spent every Monday, from 8am to 5pm, assisting with all kinds of animal husbandry, whether it be feeding the animals, cleaning out cages, or building fences.