Dogs on a Leash

Do you have a pet that you don't quite feel comfortable with taking off the lead? Are you worried that the lead will ruin the photos?

Let me tell you why having a lead isn't an issue.

At Crystal Clear Photography, I am all about safety first. Your pet's well-being is my priority. Therefore, I would much rather have a pet kept on their lead than run the risk of them running away and potentially injuring themselves or becoming lost. In fact, most of the photos you see on this website are of dogs still attached to a lead - you just wouldn't know it! Through clever positioning tricks or careful manipulation in Adobe Photoshop, I am able to completely hide the fact.

For example, using a tight lens, I am able to crop in to get a headshot, leaving the lead completely out of view, as done in the photo below. 


Or, if a wider shot of your pets is needed, I use Adobe Photoshop to clever manipulate the photo and remove the lead completely, leaving only their collar behind. Here is a before and after where I did exactly that.