Indoor Locations

If you have a pet that can only remain indoors, don't worry, I've got you covered too. In fact, you don't even have to step a foot outside as I am able to come to you and your home. I've had plenty of experience shooting indoors thanks to my role as a volunteer photographer for Forever Friends Animal Rescue. The following photos were all taken within the homes of foster carers:


Please keep in mind though that even with indoor photoshoots, I don't use any sources of artificial lighting. Therefore, for an indoor photoshoot to be successful, your home must have an abundant amount of natural light available. Photos of indoor pets are best achieved by placing the pet close to a window.

Outdoor Locations

As a photographer who primarily uses natural light, the large majority of my shoots take place in outdoor locations. And because I can take my studio anywhere, most package options leave the choice of location completely up to you! 

My personal recommendation is to choose a location where your pet feels comfortable and at ease. The more comfortable they are, the more they can be themselves and show their unique personality off to the camera! Therefore, somewhere like a local park they have frequented often could be a good idea. 

If shyness is not an issue and you have a happy-go-lucky pet no matter where they are, then I recommend choosing a location that has meaning to you, or somewhere you simply think will make a beautiful backdrop, whether it be a dog park, beach, or even a waterfall. Not to put any pressure on or anything... but location plays a significant role in how beautiful the photos turn out.

If you are completely stuck for choice, I have listed below some examples of my favourite locations within the Geelong area.


Balyang Sanctuary

50 Marnock Rd, Newtown VIC 3220

Balyang Sanctuary is located at the river end of Shannon Avenue, Newtown, beside Princes Bridge, and is one of Geelong's most popular picnic spots. Once an unattractive patch of swampy riverland, it is now a haven for waterbirds, and a beautiful one at that. The place has three islands, two of which are connected by little wooden bridges. 

This is the perfect location for any time of day as the many trees filter out the light to give a pleasing soft effect with no harsh shadows. As this area is a sanctuary for many animals, I wouldn't recommend this location for dogs who have an inclination to chase after birds, both for the safety of the birds, and to ensure a successful photoshoot with a distraction-free dog. 

Photograph of two dogs in a park in Geelong, Victoria
Dog portrait in a Geelong park


Buckley's Falls Reserve

55 Buckley Falls Rd, Highton VIC 3216

To me, Buckley's Falls is a hidden gem. I mean, how many places out there have such a pristine waterfall located so close to the city? It may be a small waterfall, but the riverside is every bit as tranquil and scenic as you could hope for.

There are two car park access points to the falls off of Buckley Falls Road. The lower car park is my meeting point of choice for a bright sunny day, as the rapids at the bottom of the falls are covered in shade, providing the perfect lighting for a photoshoot. For a sunset photoshoot, the upper car park is great for achieving golden back-lit shots before the sun dips below the horizon.

Family portrait at Buckley's Falls, Geelong, Victoria, Australia
The view looking over Buckley's Falls, Geelong
Portrait of a dog by a professional pet photographer


Torquay dog beach

The Esplanade, Torquay VIC 3228

Torquay has some of the best beaches on offer in Victoria, and the dog beaches in Torquay are no exception. White Beach has a long stretch of sand, skirted by dunes and soft rolling waves. It has numerous access points from the Esplanade and is a great off-leash, all-year-round, beach.  

Fisherman's Beach is located closer to the centre of town (where the boat ramp is), and is my favourite beach during the winter time as it offers a larger variety of backdrops. It is, however, only dog accessible for half of the year. 

I do not recommend choosing this location if your dog has poor recall, doesn't intereact well around other dogs, or becomes too distracted by other dogs to listen to instruction. 

Pet photographer, Torquay Beach, Victoria, Australia
Pet photography at Torquay Beach, Victoria, Australia